Public Relations

Public relations is the glue that holds a company together. NYC PR firms generate interest in companies through editorial coverage in the media, newspapers, television, and on the web. Like digital marketing, PR can be an exceptional tool for overall business growth, a product or service launch, reputation management, or a re-branding effort.

A PR firm in NYC, Final Step Marketing offers businesses the ability to reach a mass audience without spending a fortune on print advertising or other paid space online. They pitch stories about your business history, people, and products to local newspapers, write press releases, and often act as a voice for the company by helping out at trade shows and conferences.

For NYC public relations firms,convincing a high-ranking publication or television program that your client’s company, product, or service is newsworthy is a feat.

Public Relations Marketing

Obviously, this kind of exposure can have a huge impact on your brand, building your credibility and consumer trust, and driving sales.

Final Step Marketing, an esteemed and long-standing NYC PR agency, can give your company the brand exposure it needs through a PR campaign that covers all your needs. Through creative and professionally crafted content, an exclusive network of media partners, and a unique understanding of how to generate newsworthy coverage, we will ensure that your PR campaign is successful.

There are three types of public relations approaches we take with clients, depending on needs and goals:
  • Editorial PR – getting various publications and influencers to distribute your content for in the form of news stories
  • Network PR – finding the right partners to endorse your content in a cross promotion or partnership arrangement.
  • Paid PR – Negotiating with premium PR channels to get the best placements, at the peak times for your industry, and at a fair rate

Trust the top New York City public relations company to get you the exposure you deserve.Take advantage of our resources and experience in relationship building – our specialty! – and build a campaign with a leading PR firm in NYC.

Ready to get your PR campaign underway? Contact Final Step Marketing at (646)-504-0611 for a 30-minute consultation and learn how our customized PR services can give your business a major competitive edge.