Reputation Management

Reputation brings to mind the famous quote “it takes 20 minutes to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it” often comes to mind. We do our best to keep a clean record,but mistakes are made despite our best intentions to avoid them. When this happens, you’ll need good reputation management services to help keep you afloat and start to rebuild your reputation.

Whether it’s bad press or a one-star Yelp review, there’s no doubt these reviews will have a negative effect on your company, at least in the short-term.

One studied determine that 88 per cent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, meaning that a single one-star review might be cause for concern. This is why reputation management continues to be one of the primary concerns for businesses, particularly those with an online presence.

Reputation management online

You may even need a reputation management company for an offense your company didn’t actually commit. Recently,one of our clients was wrongfully sued, and while they won the legal battle, their 24-year reputation was tarnished by the media in the process. The client was forced to lay off many employees and even considered surrendering their company name and re-branding.

After careful consideration, they elected to hire Final Step Marketing, a trusted reputation management agency, to help them bounce back.We used white hat SEO tactics to bury the defamatory press, and within six months we were able to rid the first page of major search engines Google and Bing of damning stories in major publications, including the New York Times and Reuters.

In an age where a single poor review can tarnish a business, reputation management is vital to any company looking to sustain long-term growth. Even if you’re not dealing with negative feedback, reputation management services are valuable for preventing it in the future and being prepared when it happens.

We provide a wide array of solutions to assure your brand name is intact and continues to project quality to customers.

We can help by apply:
  • Reverse SEO to remove any negative publicity surrounding your brand
  • Advance social media listening to find out what customers are saying about your products
  • Expert negotiation strategies to work out a resolution with any unhappy customers to get negative feedback removed in a timely manner
  • Campaigns to generate honest reviews from happy customers who may not otherwise publicize their opinions

Don’t wait until your brand suffers irreparable damage, but develop a prevention strategy now to avoid the hassle and cost later on.

Whether you have an immediate need for a reputation fix or want to ensure your business’s image down the road, trust the top reputation management agency in NYC to protect your brand today.

Call Final Step Marketing at (646)-504-0611 for a no-obligation strategy session to discuss how our leading reputation management company can reduce the damage that any negative press or reviews have caused your business or personal brand.