Surveys and Focus Groups

Market research surveys and focus groups can provide you with valuable insight at any stage of your business, from proposal writing to early growth to well-established and sustainable.

Final Step Marketing is a survey and focus group company that specializes in primary market research: an important source of data that can help guide and grow your business that is often neglected by other marketing agencies.

Relying on secondary market research from public, online sources often isn’t enough. This information might speak to the sector as a whole, but it doesn’t give you the data you need for your specific business. Secondary research can be useful as a guide, but primary research is key to good business development.

Sometimes taking to the streets to get opinions and feedback from customers directly is the only way to get the answers for all the important decisions in a business.

Market Research

Our New York market research firm can help you do this in an efficient manner so that you can organize, analyze, and employ findings in your business decisions.

No matter what industry your business is in, Final Step Marketing can create customized and detailed questionnaires for your actual or target market that will provide you with useful information on demographics, customer satisfaction, and ideas for new services and products.

You might wonder what makes us different from every other market research firm. We are marketers first, so we know exactly what data is needed to grow your business and how to acquire it in the most cost-effective way.

We can conduct:
  • Research focus groups to get in-person testing and feedback on your product or service
  • Market research surveys for new products or services
  • In-person and digital surveys with results analysis
  • Ghost calling campaigns to obtain competitors’ pricing
  • Customers satisfaction surveys to pinpoint what you could do better

Accurate and reliable data obtained through market research – either by surveys or focus groups –is one of the most valuable tools you have access to as a business owner. Stop making big-impact decisions until you know what your customers really want.

There are many companies that can prepare and conduct surveys, but few of them know how to properly organize them to obtain useful consumer information for your business. This is where Final Step Marketing, a top New York market research firm, can help.

Gain new insights about your customers that can help your business grow. Call Final Step Marketing today at (646) 504-0611 for a free market research strategy call.