Ecommerce marketing is an extremely competitive industry, with many obstacles to confront.The fact that Amazon dominates the industry, currently accounting for 43% of all online sales in the U.S., makes selling online difficult.

As conglomerates monopolize the ecommerce landscape and so many small businesses fall to the wayside, you simply can’t afford to make mistakes with your ecommerce marketing strategy.

A recent study by the ecommerce research hub the Baymard Institute shows that the average checkout abandonment rate is more than 68%. That means that nearly three out of every four potential customers who make it to the checkout screen back out just before clicking “confirm.”

It is a startling statistic few companies can ignore. With the help of a leading analytical ecommerce consultant in NYC like Final Step Marketing,

Ecommerce business marketing

you can mitigate your risks by obtaining valuable information on consumer engagement, price sensitivity, and other essential aspects of consumer behavior that can dramatically increase conversions.

How do you get more potential customers to cross the finish line and make a purchase? Analytics play a huge role in determining the reasons why customers exit at the last second. Split testing different checkout page layouts and content, visualizing heat maps, and using Google Analytics to track user engagement all play a role, but there is much more involved.

Several aspects of your ecommerce marketing platform play a role in maximizing the odds of a customer completing a purchase:
  • Recommended production functions to increase purchase volume
  • Early lead contact capture to maximize conversions from prospects who do not close on the spot
  • Retention and enhanced engagement options to decrease the chance of a customer leaving the website to search of answers or alternative options
  • Referral incentives to encourage the prospect to recommend your product to their friends and colleagues
  • An advanced ecommerce marketing strategy with tracking and analytics to optimize price points, focus products, and identify key purchase behavior patterns

We’re one of the few firms that can do all of the above to improve your marketing strategy, offering our skills in both analytics and creative work.

Our work doesn’t stop at strategy and setup – we work with you every step of the way to implement and optimize solutions for peak performance and improved conversion rates.

We are recognized as a top ecommerce consultant in New York City because we stand by our services and take responsibility for our performance. Where most agencies provide template guidelines and cheap plug-ins, we provide a level of ecommerce marketing expertise that is hard to beat and a partnership that will become a valuable asset to your company.

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