Investor Relations

Our central location just blocks away from Wall Street and established network in the financial capital of the world gives us a tremendous competitive advantage in investor relations marketing.

We know how investors think. We know what kinds of investment should be targeted in every business context, and we know how to approach investors in a way that facilitates discussion and encourages action.

If you’re having a hard time establishing your identity,meeting that sales target, or taking your business to the next level, Final Step Marketing can get you started.

Investor Relations Marketing
We can help you:
  • Build a well-structured, custom business plan to attract capital, build industry connections, and develop resources
  • Design a killer pitch deck to win over investors
  • Give you an edge on the competition by improving your presentations
  • Research types of investors, so you get the most face time with the right people
  • Reach out to investors on your behalf

Often what is important to investors differs greatly from what is important to the business owner, meaning there is a disconnect between the one pitching the idea and the won receiving – and, ultimately, deciding whether or not to back – an idea.Even business ideas that look profitable on paper often can breach this gap – not because their idea won’t work, but because they don’t know how to pitch it. Many passionate entrepreneurs walk into a pitch meeting and spend an hour talking about their product and why it’s so great, forgetting that the investor’s primary concerns are profitability, mitigating risk, and the scalability of the business.

Since we work with investors every day, we can help you avoid making this mistake. Through our experience with investor relations in NYC, we can help you break down your pitch deck, eliminating the unnecessary and including key information to sway investors. Our goal is to help you put your idea on the table with confidence, clearly communicate growth potential, and network with potential investors.

A certain type of investments can be more beneficial to a budding company than others. Navigating these decisions – offer equity or take on debt?, for example – is what Final Step Marketing can help you with. It’s extremely common for business owners to jump on a funding opportunity early on because they are eager to secure capital. Without careful scrutiny of investment options, businesses can become slave to their shareholders and quickly shift away from original values and goals.

If pitching to individual investors on Wall Street isn’t your thing, you may choose to crowdfund, an increasingly popular way for startups to raise capital. Don’t know where to start? We can help.We have years of experience building, launching, and managing crowdfunding campaigns on all of the major platforms.

We can help you:
  • Select the best crowdfunding platform to market your product or service
  • Build an effective campaign and marketing strategies
  • Drive target market visitors to your page

Final Step Marketing has years of experience in investor relations marketing, and can help you raise the capital you need to start or grow your business.Contact (646)-504-0611 for a free 30-minute strategy consultation to have all your questions answered.